Our Services:

Local moving

Looking for movers in the New Jersey area, Choose American Movers to move your things for you. We’ve got all kinds of services to take care of every aspect of your move for you. Stop stressing over the small details. You can trust us to make your local move a lot easier.

Long Distance

Moving long distance is a massive undertaking where lots of things can go wrong. When you work with American Movers we’ll do the hard stuff for you. We’ll help explain to you what you need to worry about and then we’ll take care of all of it, so you don’t need to worry anymore. We can accommodate different budgets and different needs and give you ideal options to pick from. We at American Movers will take care of everything and get your things where they belong.


All people are different and thus have different needs. The first thing we do is understand your needs before giving you different options we think are ideal for you based off our years of experience. Interstate moving is tricky business and you definitely do not want to have anything go wrong at a time like this.

American Movers will treat you right. We’ll give you quality service at a reasonable price.


Commercial moves are very delicate but need to be handled quickly so everything can get back to business as usual. American Movers will help you through this difficult time and handle everything efficiently and keep everything on track. We understand the urgency and importance of commercial moves and know how much is on the line.


When you need to move, you definitely have a lot on your mind. American Movers know just how difficult your situation can be! We specialize in these kinds of moves and will do everything in our power to make things easier for you. We’ll take care of the time consuming grunt work so you can focus on getting back to your natural rhythm.

Office Relocation

Anybody in charge of relocating office can appreciate the importance of their task. American Movers can sympathize as we’ve moved our fair share of businesses. We understand the importance of your move and will handle it as carefully as if it were our own.

Art & Antique

Moving fragile valuables like art pieces and collections can be a difficult and trying task. Our movers understand your situation and has you covered. We have plenty of experience moving valuable and fragile items. You’ll need plenty of safety equipment to do this right and lots of care has to be employed throughout the whole move.

Piano Moving

Moving a piano is tricky business. You don’t want inexperienced movers leaving any lasting damage trying to transfer it. You need to find experienced properly equipped movers who know what they’re doing. American Movers is just what you’re looking for. We take on challenging moves all the time and we get the job done.