Do Movers Charge For Boxes?

Many people who are about to move usually wonder if Middletownship moving companies

charge extra if additional boxes are needed on moving day. The answer to that actually

depends on the moving company you hire. Some smaller local movers give out a few boxes

with no additional charge while larger more established middletownship movers can charge big

fees for a few extra impromptu boxes.

When dealing with something as important as moving, it’s best to approach the situation over

prepared and always have extra boxes available for last minute items that need to be packed on

moving day.

● Can you pack your things using bags?

Majority of movers will require all of your things to be packed in boxes, especially if you are

doing a long distance move. Some middletownship moving companies though do not mind if

you use bags or even garbage bags to pack linens, and other soft items. It’s best to ask your

middletownship movers on their policy on loose items and if you can use something other than


If you really insist on using bags or packing in loose items, be prepared to lose these things.

Bags can get ripped and are difficult to tag and generally work with so they have a high

tendency to get lost.

It’s worth repeating that some movers will outright refuse to move your things if they aren’t

properly boxed. Unboxed items are difficult and are likely lead to insurance claims so make sure

to discuss the rules with your Middletownship movers before moving day.

● Why do movers insist on using boxes?

Boxes are easier to stack and are the most efficient way to pack a truck. They save room and

provide good protection for its contents. A dolly can lift several small or medium boxes at once.

Anything that isn’t in a box will just cost more time and be harder to deal with. The rule is easy:

If you can put it in a box then put it in a box.

Boxes help movers ensure that insurance claims against them are minimized and that all items

arrive in one piece, just as you would want.

● Do movers charge extra for additional boxes?

If you’ve chosen not to have extra boxes lying around on moving day and insist on using bags,

then be ready to argue with your movers and end up being charged extra for boxes.

A few things that people don’t usually put in boxes but should include shoes, linens, clothes,

small objects, toys, pictures, frames, and curtains.

● Do not use small boxes

Don’t be tempted to use small boxes like shoe boxes. These aren’t easy to stack and will take

extra time to load onto the truck. Most movers will just pack these in larger boxes which will take

more time which adds to the cost. You’ll also have to pay for the boxes they’ll use making this

an expensive mistake.

In short, if your items can fit in a box, then put it in a box. If you really insist on using bags or

garbage bags, then make sure to discuss it with your Middletownship moving company. If they

say it is fine, double bag it to help make sure it doesn’t rip during your move. And don’t forget to

have extra boxes.

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